• Testimonial 1.

    I use the Clothing For Health elbow/knee supporter as sun screen when driving the bus.  The psoriasis on my arms cleared up in 2 weeks. --- Lorna Manzano, Waipuha, Hawaii.

  • Testimonial 2.

    I regrew black hair and beard in 3 months with Clothing for Health hat, waist belt, underwear and socks. --- Glenn Forman, Kauai, Hawaii.

  • Testimonial 3.

    When I get migraine headache, I sniff the scarf from Clothing For Health, my headache will be gone.  It is more safe than taking pain killer and no side effects. --- Maria Longakit, Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Testimonial 4.

    The first night I wore the Clothing For Health socks to sleep, my foot pain was gone.  After one month continue using the socks, my 10 years hammer toe was healed. --- Melba Boyd, Big Island, Hawaii.

  • Testimonial 5.

    I invested $30 for a pair of glove from Clothing For Health, my 10 years hand pain was gone in minutes.  I am happy to share Clothing For Health products to my family, friends, doctor and nurses. --- Barbara Coito, Honokaa, Hawaii.

  • Testimonial 6.

    I am 78 years old and I accidently fell down on my knees.  Lucky I was wearing the Clothing For Health knee supporters and was able to prevent any injury. --- Yuk Mui Kum, Hong Kong.

  • Testimonial 7.

    I walked with cane for over 5 years due to my knee pain and overweight.  After using the Clothing For Health scarf for 8 days, I can walk freely without a cane! --- Frances, Guam.

*Actual results may vary.  Consult your physician before using these products.