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High Tech Clothing Imported from Japan

Japanese scientists spent decades of research to invent a fabric that can generate negative ions. Clothing made with this fabric surrounds your body with rejuvenating negative ions thus enhancing the immune system and increasing your body's ability to use oxygen and detoxify.

Owner Rosa Louie has been wearing fast-drying negative ion clothing for more than four years now and has seen her wrinkles fade and black hair fully replace her head of gray. She originally purchased the clothes to help with her insomnia and quickly discovered its many other benefits. Negative ion clothing can truly turn your health around.

Change your clothes (change the environment surround your body) to improve your health & beauty.

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Negative ion counteract the following symptoms:

Women’s Panties

Discharge, odor, menstrual cramps & fatigue, eczema, constipation, duodenal ulcer, dyspepsia, sweating, lower back pain,

Men’s Underpants


Eczema, frequent urination, incontinence, enlarged prostate (BPH), rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, hydrocele


Body Warp

Blood pressure, diabetics, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, nervous stomach, surgery, sweating, cold & flu, cough, asthma, allergy, menopause symptom


Snoring, ear buzzing, headache, migraine, hair loss, hearing loss, sleep disorder, sleeplessness, stroke recovery, loss of memory, fatigue, fainting, imbalance

Face Mask

Face wrinkle, scare, acne, dark spot, sensitive skin, allergy, eyestrain, toothache

Eye Mask

Eyestrain, floater, dried eyes, excessive discharge in eyes, night blindness, sinus problems, hay fever, flu, wrinkle around eye and forehead

Mouth Mask

Air pollution, toothache, flu, cough, sinus problems, wrinkle around mouth


Neck Supporter

Sore throat, cough, neck pain, neck numb, neck injury, headache, stiff shoulder, allergies, neck line wrinkle, vocal cords injury, thyroid issue, low immunity

Shoulder Supporter

Shoulder and back pain, stiff shoulder, shoulder-hand syndrome

Elbow Supporter

Elbow pain, elbow strain, arthritis, tennis elbow, bursitis, numb hands, cold arm

Wrist Supporter,

Wrist Band

Wrist pain, cold hands, numb hands, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, motion sickness, heart problems

Waist Supporter

Sciatica, rheumatism, lower back pain, indigestion, constipation, duodenal ulcer, toxic liver, kidney failure, incontinence, enlarged prostate, menopause

Knee Supporter

Sport injuries, arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, knee pain, sore knee, cramp, varicose veins, poor circulation, cold feet

Ankle Supporter

Sport injury, ankle pain, ankle swelling, rough ankle skin, imbalance hormone


Poor circulation, varicose veins, athlete’s foot, cold feet, numbness, foot odor, rough ankle skin, callus, foot corns, foot pain, hammer toe, imbalance hormone


Cold hand, sweating palm, swelling hand, arthritis, nail fungus, trigger finger

Bra Insert

Breast cancer, breast surgery, itch nipple, scar around breast, lymphatic toxic


Bed Sheet

Stiff shoulder, backache, blood pressure, diabetics, indigestion, constipation, duodenal ulcer, sweating, arthritis and rheumatism, frequent urination, lupus erythema, senior ailments, sleep disorder, osteoporosis, stroke, snoring, fatigue

Pillow Cover

Fatigue, hair lost, neck pain, snoring, sleep disorder


Health aliments, excess sweat during exercise, imbalance body temperature


Actual results may vary. Consult your physician before using these products